Opera 10.01 Released

1253214767_OperaThe Opera developers have released an update version 10.01 of Opera web browser. This update of Opera is a security and stability upgrade with no other apparent changes. As this release is a security update it is highly recommended for all Opera 10 users to update Opera to protect themselves, the browser and the computer system from malicious attacks.

The security and stability update is available for all supported operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac). Interested users can view the change logs for a complete release information. Opera 10.01 does not include Opera Unite which is still slated for a release in the final version of Opera 10.10.

Opera 10.01 is available for download at the official Opera website. If you have Opera 10 installed already, you can update to the latest version through Opera’s in-built auto-update functionality.

[ Download Opera 10.01 ]

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