Download Opera 21 For Desktop Computers Powered By Aura Technology

Opera Software has released Aura technology powered Opera 21 for Windows and Mac OS X users. If you are wondering what Aura actually is? Here’s a simple explanation of Aura technology. Aura lets the desktop edition of the popular Opera web browser to use hardware-acceleration for the web browser including the user interface. Only the Windows edition of Opera uses the Aura technology while Opera for Mac uses Apple Core Animation technology to meet the same effects. Download Opera browser for Windows and Mac.


How to update Opera browser to the latest Opera 21 version?

If you’re an existing Opera web browser user, simply check for updates manually. The option is available within the browser help menu. After checking if an update is found, Opera asks you to download the update. Once downloaded, the update tool proceeds to install the latest version of Opera automatically.

To manually check for updates, click on the Opera button > Help > Check for updates. If you’ve set the browser to automatically check for updates, Opera will automatically download the update for you.

If you are a new user, you can download the latest version of Opera web browser from the official Opera website and install it.

Opera 21 Changes

According to Opera blog, “the (Opera) team put a lot of effort into getting Aura to work properly with the web browser. Aura allows for smoother, snappier animations with a more responsive feel. Opera 21’s primary intention was to get Aura working and stable. In the future, you will see further benefits as it allows us to give everything that little extra bit of polish! Opera for Mac does not use Aura but Mac users needn’t worry. Our Mac version makes use of Apple Core Animation technology to enable us to achieve the same snazzy effects.”

According to the official Opera change log, the latest version of the web browser, v21.0.1432.67, fixes a number of issues.

  • DNA-19775 Crash on exit when closing Opera with empty content sliding toolbar.
  • DNA-19781 ‘no content’ sliding toolbar appears when installing third-party extensions or starting download by typing url in address bar.
  • DNA-19861 Opera Stable does not load SD icons.
  • DNA-20264 Speed Dial page becomes unclickable.
  • For a full list of all the changes, improvements and fixes, please refer to the Opera 21 changelog.

Opera stable 21.0.1432.67, an update of Opera 21, fixes a few critical issues. Opera on Mac had a bug where the Speed Dial could go into a unclickable state, and some users complained of having problems loading Speed Dial thumbnails. The bugs are fixed in the latest version.

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