The Fastest Browser, Opera 10.50 Final Released with Dramatic UI Redesign

Opera team has released the final version of its much awaited web browser Opera 10.5010.50. Opera 10.50 brings a lot of new features to the table, most noticeable the speed improvements which leaves Firefox behind in the dust, at least for now. Opera 10.50 is only offered for the Windows operating system with the likelihood that versions for other operating systems follow suite later this month.

opera 10.50

The most notable changes includes:

  • Better integration with Windows Vista and 7
  • Opera Carakan JavaScript engine
  • New Opera “O” tab and its associated menu on the left side of Tab bar
  • Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine
  • Opera Vega graphics library
  • Opera Widgets for Desktop
  • Download acceleration software compatibility
  • Non-modal notification messages
  • Private browsing and more.

The latest release candidate of Opera 10.50 had some bugs, mostly interface and accessibility related. It is unclear if all of those bugs have been fixed in the final release of Opera 10.50.

Download Opera 10.50 Final

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