Microsoft Releases Fix It Tool for Blue Screen Rootkit Detection

Microsoft security updates of last month have caused some controversy over a patch that was first thought to cause blue screen (BSOD) on some computers. It was later found that the said patch was not responsible for the blue screens. A rootkit that altered some files of the operating system was found to be the main culprit behind the blue screen of death. Microsoft released two updates to fix the issue. The patch has been now redeveloped by Microsoft to block the update if any “abnormal” conditions exist.

If these conditions are detected, the update will not be installed and the result will be a standard Windows Update error.

Microsoft has released a Fix It script which can be used to check and decide if a system is compatible with the security update 977165 described in the security bulletin MS10-15.

Some computers may not be compatible with security update 977165. This issue usually occurs when a computer is infected with a virus that changes certain Microsoft operating system files. In these cases, after you install the security update 977165, the computer may restart repeatedly.

The fix it solution can be downloaded from here. It is recommended to run it first before trying to install the security patch 977165. The Fix It solution will then report to you if the security patch can be installed or not on the computer system.

This Fix it solution does not resolve the issue. Instead, this Fix it solution only notifies you of a possible issue and suggests next steps.

You can use Microsoft Security Essentials, which is capable of detecting and removing the rootkit responsible for the blue screen of death that seem after patching the operating system.

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