OutlookAddressBookView, is a portable application for the Windows platform. With the help of OutlookAddressBookView app, Outlook users can view the details of all recipients stored in their Microsoft Outlook address book. The application displays all fields of a contact in a tabular format which is easy to read. It supports both IMAP and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

OutlookAddressBookView can read and display additional contact information for configured Microsoft Exchange accounts such as Address Type, Contact Created/Modified Time etc. You can export the contact list(s) in XML and CSV, HTML, tab-delimited and comma-delimited file format. If you want to export only some selected recipients contact details from the list to local/remote location, you can also do so. The freeware application is developed by NirSoft. We have already covered here some very good portable application from NirSoft like WhatInStartupCleanAfterMeWebSiteSniffer and RunAsDate. More details after the break.

Ever wondered how the old vintage operating systems shutdown and restart sequence looked like? Well, it may not be possible to get your hands on the real systems now. It may also not be possible to install them just to experience it.

Here’s a cool website called The Restart Page. As the name goes, the website lets you experience shutdown and restart sequences of vintage operating systems in your browser. You can find vintage operating systems like Workspace, NeXT, Rhapsody, Windows 1.1, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Apple Mac OS, and more.

Everyday, I cover here articles related to tech only. Today, I thought of taking a break from this and share some awesome wallpapers with you all.

Whenever, I get bored, I change my wallpaper to something fresh and elegant. This helps me kill the boredom and freshen up my mind. If you’re too feeling the same, I will suggest you to take some time off, ditch your old wallpaper and get something which is fresh, elegant and inspiring.

We all have different tastes when it comes to selecting the “perfect” wallpaper, but you all will agree with me, nothing looks better than a simple wallpaper that’s beautiful and doesn’t clutter your display.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our collection of beautiful desktop wallpapers as much as I loved creating it.

Gmail team has finally released Gmail’s new look. Gmail new look was earlier available through two themes namely, Preview and Preview (dense).

Gmail’s new looks seems to be one more stepping stone towards bringing a consistent look throughout all Google products after the launch of Google+ (Google Plus). This new look features Streamlined conversations, Elastic density, New HD themes, Smarter navigation and Better search.

How to switch to Gmail’s New Look?

The new look is available to everyone and is now a opt-in feature. You will find a link to switch to the new look in your Gmail. If you don’t see the link to switch simply refresh Gmail once. Personally we liked the new look and features very much.

Microsoft has enabled HTML5 videos for its Bing search engine.

Both the search engine giants, Google and Bing always tries their best to entice the users by bringing in new features to their homepages. Earlier, what was a simple search form on both these search giants homepages, has now became very lively and interactive. Google lets their users set custom backgrounds while Bing displays a new wallpaper in its background everyday. Competing with Google to bring out the best user experience, Bing has added another new feather to its cap with the new HTML5 videos which play in the background of their homepage.

Microsoft revealed the change in a blog post on Friday. According to Bing homepage team member, Stephanie Horstmanshof, as of yet, you will not see a new video everyday, but the videos will change on special occasions or moods. Although the new HTML5 video enabled Bing homepage is U.S. only, Microsoft plans to roll this out to international markets in the next few months.

We won’t be programming a video every day, just when the mood strikes us.
While this first video is US-only, we’ll begin rolling the video homepage out to international markets in the next few months – so stay tuned.

Do you like the new Windows 8 Metro UI or the Windows 7 Phone Interface? If you like it and want to transform your Windows desktop to the new look, Omnimo UI. Using Omnimo UI you can now enjoy the tile based Windows 8 layout, Microsoft showed off at the D9 conference.

If you joined later, Windows 8 supports two types of applications; Classic desktop Windows apps and HTML5 web apps. Microsoft’s new start screen includes easy touch icons to allow users of touch based devices to easily navigate through the operating system. The user interface and new apps will work with or without a keyboard and mouse on a broad range of screen sizes and pixel densities, from small slates to laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, and even classroom-sized displays.

Have you ever wondered why you have to click on half-dozen of buttons or have to wait for the timeout that you have set, when you just want to put your monitor in standby instantly? As, Microsoft provides no better ways to instantly put your monitor in standby, Dekisoft came up with Monitor Off Utility. The application allows you to instantly lock your display or put your monitor in standby mode, and also allows you to turn your screensaver on or off at will. While being a tiny free application, it is not short of features and gives you a ton of configuration options to play with.