Chrome Windows


Web browsers are the window to the open world of Internet. It doesn’t matter which operating system you are using, web browser is your most used application. Today’s cloud centric approach towards everything makes browsers a necessary. That’s one reason cyber-criminals loves your browser so much. They try to manipulate browser settings in many ways. Sometimes, it’s a pesky toolbar that doesn’t go away easily. Sometimes they change browser settings, your browser home page or tabs that redirects you to a malicious website of their choice. Almost all popular web browsers now enhances its functionalities using add-ons or extensions. Be it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari, all supports add-ons or extensions. Unwanted and malicious browser add-ons and extensions thus has become a popular way to infect the browser. Although most web browsers comes with a reset button that are supposed to clean up your browser. Most of the time the reset button doesn’t hold well against the hard to get rid of unwanted items or settings. That’s when you need third-party tools like Avast Browser Cleaner to clean up your browser. Now, Google has released its own tool, aptly named “Software Removal Tool” to clean up Chrome web browser.

Our favorite browser, Google Chrome turned two today! Two years back when I started using Chrome, I never look back. It became my favorite browser and I have it in all the operating systems that I use, be it Windows, Linux or others. And after two years it is still going strong, more faster, and I am even typing this post using Chrome!

Google Chrome is having the fastest development cycle, and it has quickly reached version 6.0 for their stable version and version 7 for their development cycle in just two years. Google Chrome 7 (incidentally, the version I’m using) is really very exciting with new features like hardware acceleration, voice translation along with Chrome Labs.