Google Chrome Second Birthday, Releases Chrome 6.0 Stable

Our favorite browser, Google Chrome turned two today! Two years back when I started using Chrome, I never look back. It became my favorite browser and I have it in all the operating systems that I use, be it Windows, Linux or others. And after two years it is still going strong, more faster, and I am even typing this post using Chrome!

Google Chrome is having the fastest development cycle, and it has quickly reached version 6.0 for their stable version and version 7 for their development cycle in just two years. Google Chrome 7 (incidentally, the version I’m using) is really very exciting with new features like hardware acceleration, voice translation along with Chrome Labs.

Today, Chrome celebrated its 2nd birthday with the introduction of the stable version of Google Chrome 6. Chrome 6 stable is 3 times faster on JavaScript performance than the initial first version of Chrome launched two years back. This shows that Chrome has grown and improved leaps and bounds, both in terms of internal performance and exterior look, and thus has become the top choice of many geeks and non-geeks. Google Chrome 6.0.472.53, the stable build, has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms simultaneously.


This new stable build of Chrome comes with a host of new features that includes autofill capability and other user interface perks. Google Chrome 6 also brings the new consolidated menu, richer content settings like the JavaScript, plug-ins, notifications, and others, and the first-run search engine selection screen. There’s also a faster V8 JavaScript engine under the hood. Another notable change is absence of http:// in address bar. It is important to note that it’s only been four months since Chrome 5 went stable, so a new stable version just proves the great amount of development work happening at the backend.

Direct Download Google Chrome 6

You can directly update to Google Chrome 6 via the browser by clicking on the wrench icon and clicking on About. You can also download directly by clicking on the download button below:

Download Offline Installer

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