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Performing any tasks related to hard disk is a daunting task for majority of computer users. All operating systems are equipped with a built-in disk management software that provides basic functions like creating new partitions or deleting existing ones. Microsoft Windows is no exception here. The flagship operating system by Microsoft comes bundled with a Disk Management function accessible from the Computer Management window. It provides very basic functions like create new partition, delete partition, etc. What if you need to do some advance tasks like splitting an existing partition or resizing one? Truly speaking, not everyone wants to invest money to buy some expensive software that they are going to use very less. How about if we tell about a software which does more than what you want and still is free? Here, we are going to review AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It’s a freeware hard disk management software for Windows that has some impressive features under its sleeve. Enough of talking, lets dive in to find out how it performs in our tests.

If you have a netbook and would like to upgrade it to Windows 7, you may be wondering how to do it without a clunky external DVD Drive. Previously, we showed you how to install Windows 7 from a USB flash drive. But the process was very geeky and involved some risks. We also talked about a nice little utility that does the job easily but we didn’t show you how to use the program. Today, we will show you how to setup a USB Flash Drive to install Windows 7.

The process of installing Windows 7 from a flash drive is essentially the same as installing it from Windows 7 DVD media. When using a flash drive, the main work involves setting it up so that it becomes a bootable device with the OS on it.

Note: You’ll need a minimum of a 4GB USB flash drive for the Windows 7 installation files.

In the article “How To Install Windows 7 Using USB Flash Drive Faster“, we showed you the manual way to prepare a USB disk for installing Windows using it. Although the manual steps are simple but it involves the risk of selecting and formatting the wrong drive altogether. And, that will be catastrophe for any Windows user. Thus, we found a freeware software, titled WinToFlash, that automates the process.

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