How To Create Bootable Windows USB Drive Using WinToFlash

In the article “How To Install Windows 7 Using USB Flash Drive Faster“, we showed you the manual way to prepare a USB disk for installing Windows using it. Although the manual steps are simple but it involves the risk of selecting and formatting the wrong drive altogether. And, that will be catastrophe for any Windows user. Thus, we found a freeware software, titled WinToFlash, that automates the process.

WinToFlash prepares the USB disk for you so it can be used as a bootable media. You can then use the bootable USB flash drive to install any version of Windows that you are willing to use. The best of all, who don’t love the speed of installing Windows using a flash drive compared to using the Windows DVD media. There’s also the headache of the installation abruptly stalling due to a scratched DVD. Carrying a USB flash drive is much more convenient than to move around with the Windows DVD installation disc.

Easily create bootable Windows USB drive using WinToFlash

Easily create bootable Windows USB drive using WinToFlash

WinToFlash Lite is a freeware Windows only software tool to create bootable Windows flash drive. You can also buy WinToFlash Professional edition that gives you some extra features like ad-free interface, NTFS file system support, USB-FDD mode, GRUB boot loader support, drive check option and Windows XP/2003 Setup 0x6B error auto fix. If you want to support development, you can buy WinToFlash Personal edition from the official website.

How to Use WinToFlash to Create Bootable Windows USB Flash Drive in Minutes?

To use WinToFlash, all you need to do run the wizard, set the location of Windows installation files or Windows installation disc and select the drive letter of your USB flash drive. Nothing goes much simpler than that.

Advance users will not be disappointed by the program. You will love the amount of tweaking the program offers. You can tinker with all kinds of advanced settings and features. You can use the program to create any edition of Windows bootable flash disk. It supports all versions of Desktop and Server family of Windows, starting from Windows XP to Windows 10, Windows Server editions. It doesn’t matter if you are making a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows or any Windows edition like Home, Professional, Media Center, Ultimate, Pro, Pro WMC. It supports them all.

Further, WinToFlash can create Live USB bootable disk from many supported popular LiveCD images like Hiren’s Boot CD, WinPE based on XP, like BartPE, WinPE based on Vista/7/8, Windows XP Recovery Console, NTLDR bootloader on USB, MS-DOS USB boot disk. You can also use it to transfer Windows Preinstallation Environments to a USB flash drive. You can download WinToFlash from the official page here.

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