Windows 8 M3 Build: New Wallpaper Leaked, Twin UI, History Vault

Almost everyone who are tracking Windows 8 leaks must have seen the greenish wallpaper with a crossword like puzzle and a forbidding warning message “shhh… Let’s not leak our hard work“. There is also a very dreaded warning in front of the wallpaper that reads:

“Unauthorized use or disclosure in any manner may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment (in the case of employees), termination of an assignment or contract (in the case of contingent staff), and potential civil and criminal liability.”

Stephen Chapman of ZDNet, has managed to get his hand on the main wallpaper of Windows 8 Milestone 3 build, possibly the default one, from an anonymous individual. This leak came after Microsoft made available Windows 8 to select OEMs via Microsoft Connect last week.

Here is a screen shot of the Windows 8 build with the wallpaper in use (build string removed for anonymity):


Windows 8 Wallpaper

You can download the original wallpaper from here.

Windows 8 UI elements were leaked on the MDL Forums and




Genuine Center


On March 30, a bunch of new alleged Windows 8 screen shots, posted by, make mention of a possible new Windows 8 feature known as “History Vault“.


History Vault in Windows 8

The site described History Vault as Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Time Machine.

Other recent alleged Windows 8 screen shots have shown the “System Reset” capability that Microsoft told OEMs in April 2010 that it planned to add to the coming version of Windows.


System Reset button below the System Restore button at the bottom

Some sites also claim that there are mentions of Internet Explorer 10 in some recent Windows 8 builds.

ZDNet also reports that “there are Jupiter bits (a new user interface (UI) library for Windows) scattered throughout the OS, as well as signs of Windows 8’s new “Twin UI” via a new DLL aptly named TWINUI.DLL.”

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