Safe Returner Anti-Malware Review

Safe Returner is the new application in the anti-malware app market. It aids in the removal of Malware like Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware, when standard antivirus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively remove them. It relies on malware signatures and its own heuristic engine, which analyzes files for activity that is generally associated with malware.

Safe Returner is a complementary solution for users who are already having security software installed, designed to take care of malware which is already present in the system. You have 30 days to test it with absolutely no limitations imposed. The price tag of the program says $29.95 if you decide to buy it. But, if you want to win a free 1 year license of Safe Returner Anti-Malware, then we are having 10 licenses to giveaway, read about the giveaway at the end of this article.

Installing Safe Returner is very, easy as simple as clicking Next, Next and Install, like any other typical Windows app. It comes with a minimalist user interface for carrying out tasks and setting up the program is a piece of cake, which will definitely appeal to beginners and expert users alike.


The four buttons present in the main window lets you check the current state of the software (update, status, subscription status, etc), start new scans, configure the program or find help in using the program. The “Overview” screen offers details about the time and date of the last scan and lets you update the malware database signature. The “Scan” screen as the name suggests is for scanning the computer system, quarantine detected malware objects, etc. The “Settings” window is the place where you configure the app. The “Help” screen provides access to help and support for the app.


During our test, Safe Returner finished its full scan in less than 4 minutes even with other high-resource programs running. It has a self-developed heuristic malware detection engine which displays severity of the Spyware threat, used ranging from High Risk, Moderate Risk, and Low Risk. Besides the normal mode, which displays the threats detected after the scanning is complete, there is also an “Expert” mode available. If you turn on “Expert mode,” it shows valid processes and malware together, no segregation being involved; also, all items in this section have a threat score. This might be confusing for many users.


It examines all the system files, the Windows Registry and the programs and files loaded at boot time. Majority of malicious programs (once triggered) load this way. Safe Returner is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. False positives were reported during our test, which we were expecting because of the aggressive heuristics engine Safe Returner relies on. The program comes in-built with VirusTotal uploader which is a plus, since, you can confirm if the marked program is really a malware or it is a false positive before dealing with it.


Before running a scan of the computer with Safe Returner, you have to be perfectly aware, the application will automatically stop some processes, if you click on “Yes” in the dialog box that comes up before starting the scan. In our case, Foobar2000 was forced to shut down so that the scanning could start.


Safe Returner does not come with any kind of proactive protection, but it detects threats that may have slipped through your regular antivirus software and have already infected the system. Safe Returner is a smart version of Sysinternal’s Autoruns which also shows you what programs are configured to run during system boot up.

Safe Returner Anti-Malware 1 year valid Free License Giveaway

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