Install Google Chrome For All Users Using Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise Edition

Normally when a user installs Google Chrome, it is installed only for the current user who installed the software. Installing this way, you will not need administrator rights to install Google Chrome. Thus, anyone, especially in corporate or offices, if you don’t have administrator rights, you can install Chrome and don’t have to forcibly use Internet Explorer. Until now, if users wanted Google Chrome to be available for all the users of a computer, they had to install Chrome using the Google Pack.

Google has recently added a more straightforward location for a system-level setup: The MSI installer only works in Windows, it currently installs the latest Dev Channel build and it seems to be targeted toward enterprise users. The link to the MSI installer will probably be added to Chrome’s download page in the near future.

Google Chrome Enterprise EULA

Glenn Wilson, a Google Chrome engineer explained:

The current user-level installation experience doesn’t require elevation (installing at system-level does), and most users don’t know or care about system-level installs. That said, it would probably be a good idea to have some links on the download pages that say “click here for a system- level install or MSI“, so interested/advanced users could find it easily as part of the normal download install flow. Not sure what this will look like yet.

If you have a mini_installer.exe, you can just run ‘mini_installer.exe --system-level‘. If you have an untagged standalone installer (an exe that fails if you run it without command-line parameters), let me know and I’ll send you a commmand line for it.

Simply download the Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise Edition msi installer using the link provided above and launch it. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may get UAC prompt. This msi installer is not having any options and will install Chrome web browser directly at C:\Program Files\Google. Thus, making Google Chrome available for all users, accessible through the Start Menu.

Update: Google Chrome for Business has a new homepage. You can download Chrome for Businesses from here.

Thanks to Google Operating System for the news. Thanks to our reader Kevin for the new working link.

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