Vectorian Giotto: Easily Design Flash Animations Without Any Coding [Software Review]

Vectorian Giotto is a Flash creator application using which you can easily create professional Flash animations even if you are not a Flash professional. Vectorian Giotto’s powerful yet very simple user interface, requires only designing your Flash animation using the tools and pre-defined controls provided by it, without even writing a single line of code. It will allow you to quickly and easily create professional Flash animations for websites and other projects.

Before using Vectorian Giotto, creating Flash animations was not my cup of tea. I had no experience whatsoever with Flash animation or graphics tools before. But, with the easy-to-use interface, powerful drawing tools, shape morphing, stunning built-in effects, sound and scripting support, a beginner like me will find it very easy to make incredible, professional-looking movies, while for any expert designer, they can do much more in less time. And if you are short of creativity, you can use any of the pre-installed templates and simply change the text and graphics in it to have a polished flash banners.


In addition, Vectorian Giotto supports many layers and gradient fills as well as intersection, union and difference operations on objects. You can also combine and manipulate text, images and shapes to create complex Flash animation movies. You can set key animation parameters such as dimensions, background color and frame rate. You can preview your animation inside Vectorian Giotto without launching a browser or external player.

Other amazing effects that you can easily apply to your animation are you can make objects translate, rotate, change size, change color or gradient fill, stretch, skew, or even do at the same time any combination of those effects. It may sound complex but you can apply all of those effects with minimal effort.

Vectorian Giotto lets you transform your creative ideas to cool banners, navigation menus, and other flash animation artworks, with an impressively short learning curve.

Vectorian Giotto Giveaway

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