Rightcliqâ„¢ by Visa: An Online Shopping Assistant Tool With Social Touch

Payments technology giant Visa, on August 2, 2010, has formally introduced a free Web-based tool dubbed “Rightcliq,” which it markets as a social e-commerce service. With Rightcliq, Visa wants to make shopping on the Web more socially interactive, visually appealing and easy to manage.

Rightcliq is essentially a browser add-on to enhance and speed up your online shopping experience, by letting you auto-fill personal address and payment card information stored on its servers on merchant checkout forms, track shipping of the product and more. The plug-in is currently supported by the following browsers: Firefox 3+ for Mac and Firefox 3+ and IE7+ for Windows. Plug-ins for browsers such as Safari and Chrome are not available in the current release of Rightcliq, but are under consideration in future releases.

  • Browse:
    • Organize and compare items using the Wishspace. Think of it as a universal wish list that eliminates the need to have multiple shopping carts across the web. With Rightcliq, you can jump from site to site collecting all the stuff you love in your Wishspace and organizing it into different bundles.
      Rigthcliq  - Dashboard
    • Ask your friends for their advice on items in your Wishspace via email and Facebook, so instead of bookmarking a ton of pages and scouring forums for research, you can start buying (with a little help from your friends).
      Rightcliq - Get Advice
    • Save money with discounts from popular brands.
  • Buy:
    • Reduce the hassle of completing merchant checkout forms by using the downloadable Rightcliq plug-in to auto-fill your personal, payment and shipping information. Store info for any credit, debit or gift card you may want to use at checkout for maximum choice and control. You can store and use any payment card with Rightcliq. However, only Visa cards enjoy Visa’s Zero Liability protection and additional info (e.g. balance), dependent on issuer participation.
      Rightcliq - Purchases
  • Delivery:
    • Say goodbye to storing and sorting individual shipment confirmations and tracking numbers. After making a purchase with Rightcliq, package tracking is made easy through a visual display of the shipping status of all packages in one convenient location.

A key feature of Rightcliq is “Wishspaceâ„¢,” a visual wish list that lets you collect, organize and share images of products you are considering purchasing by creating bundles. You can then involve your friends and relatives in your purchasing decisions via email or Facebook, and access special offers from select online merchants like 1-800 flowers and Barnes & Noble directly. All in all, a pretty decent offering.

Rightcliq - Wishspace

You can create a free account here. This service is provided only in the United States of America.

Watch the video below for an introduction to Rightcliq:

Thanks to Joel of Rightcliqâ„¢ by Visa Outreach Team for the news

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