CodySafe Sigma: Feature Rich Portable Apps Launcher [Software Review]

I like portable applications very much, after all, why I will not? See, You can easily carry them with you in a USB flash device or a portable HDD, they don’t bother you much with settings since, if you configure it once and take it to whichever machine you use, the settings remains persistent. But, there is one disadvantage about using these portable apps. You have to search for the executable which you want to run, which is sometimes time-consuming, and, if you carry hundreds of portables apps with you, like I do, you can easily understand this.

For eliminating this disadvantage, many developers came up with portable application launchers that works and looks like Windows Start Menu. CodySafe Sigma is one such application launcher menu for the portable apps installed on your USB flash drive. It offers many features normally not found in any other portable apps launchers. The icing on the cake? The developer has generously offered a discount coupon code to My Technology Guide readers as well as 15 free licenses for CodySafe Sigma, you can find the details about this giveaway at the end of this article.

After installing CodySafe Sigma on your USB flash drive, you will find a small icon codysafe in the system tray that allow easy access to the menu. It runs automatically if you have autoplay enabled in your computer.


As you can see, in Windows 7 and Vista, the menu fully supports Windows Aero. It looks like the Windows Start menu, but only provides quick access to portable apps, file and folders stored on your portable device. It also shows the drive letter assigned to the portable device and the amount of disk space used along with the total amount of disk space.

One of the most notable features of CodySafe Sigma is its ability to download and install your choice of portable apps directly from within the menu. You have to simply click on the Apps Depot button on the menu, browse through the categories of applications and click on the install button to install it in your portable apps directory.

codysafe apps depot menu

From simple accessories, to web browsers, to security apps, to games, to image editors and many more, you can easily have every app you need easily.

codysafe apps depot

In the CodySafe Control Panel, accessible via the Options button in the CodySafe Sigma menu, you can can find different system settings, that controls how CodySafe Sigma behaves.

codysafe control panel

You can also change the language, check the drive integrity using Drive Doctor, setup Hot Keys, change CodySafe Sigma Themes, add or remove portable apps using the Applications Manager, and setup Find-If-Lost, that will help somebody return your USB drive to you if it gets lost.

codysafe find-if-lost

The Device Doctor function includes autorun virus protection (ViruSense) which includes real-time monitoring feature with automatic scan. It can also automatically fix disk errors, and, scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors on manual scans.

codysafe drive doctor

The Application Manager offers many features for easy application management, addition of new applications, autorun management and also offers scripts feature.

codysafe applications manager

You can download and add different CodySafe Sigma themes to customize CodySafe Sigma further. But, it would have been great if CodySafe would have released information on creating your own personalized themes.

codysafe themes

CodySafe Sigma is a commercial paid software. It costs $9.90, but we think that the price is very reasonable for the additional features that it provides. The developers also offers a free version of CodySafe Sigma named as CodySafe Free which you can download from here. You can compare between the different versions of CodySafe and decide for yourself, which one will be suitable for you. The developers are also working on CodySafe Protect which is in beta version now and you can help the developers by downloading and testing the beta version for free and providing them with your feedback.

We found CodySafe Sigma as an excellent product that simply works great and offers great features. You can also download a free demo to test it yourself and see if it suites you.

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