With Weave Sync 1.0 add-on Mozilla Firefox Officially gets Bookmark Syncing Tool

weave_logoMozilla released Weave Sync add-on (Update: Weave Sync is now called Firefox Sync) for Firefox. The plugin is now generally available to seamlessly bridge your desktop and mobile Firefox experiences. Using Weave Sync add-on from Mozilla Labs, you can now securely access all of your personal data across all supported devices, making your Web experience instantly more personal and useful.

Weave Sync synchronizes your bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history and open browser tabs between different computers that run Firefox. Mozilla ensures your data privacy by encrypting all the data before transmission to the end-to-end client.

How to use Weave Sync?

To use Weave Sync, you have first register for an account with Mozilla. The plugin automatically prompts you to create an account after the first installation. If you are worried about your privacy, you can also use your own server as a repository for the data. Note that your data that you transfer to Mozilla’s servers is always encrypted.


Why use Weave Sync when you are already using XMarks?

XMarks is the most popular bookmark syncing tool used. XMarks supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, unlike Weave Sync which is only compatible with Mozilla’s browsers. Even though XMarks can sync bookmarks between these browsers, Weave Sync syncs more than just bookmarks, it can sync passwords, browsing history, etc. In the future versions of Weave Sync, Mozilla plans to allow users to also sync add-ons and other browser customization.

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