Google Chrome 5 Released for Public

The stable version of Google Chrome 4 was released to the public a short time ago. Now, the first developer version of Google Chrome 5 was made available to the public.

The change log for that first Google Chrome 5 release does not show many changes which can be attributed to the short time span between the final release of Google Chrome 4 and the first release of version 5 of the web browser.

About Google Chrome 5

Google Chrome 5 now uses the default download directories in Vista and Windows 7. Content Settings dialog box is a new addition to Options. This new settings window is available in the Under the Hood section of the Google Chrome Options.

Content Settings

Content Settings provides settings on how to deal with cookies, images, JavaScript, Plugins and Pop-ups. It can for instance be used to disable all JavaScript, disable displaying Images, etc on all sites but the websites listed in the exception list.

  • Cookies: Modify how cookies and other site date are saved on your computer (Settings available are: Allow local data to be set, Ask me when a site tries to set data, Block sites from setting any day with an exception list provided). Can also be used to block all third-party cookies without exception and to clear cookies and other site data when the browser is closed. This tab also has a link to Adobe Flash Player storage settings.
  • Images: Show all images, or do not show any images but for sites on the exceptions list.
  • JavaScript: Allow all sites to run JavaScript or do not allow any site to run JavaScript except for the sites in the exceptions list.
  • Plugins: Allow all sites to use plug-ins or do not allow any site to use plugins except for the sites in the exception list.
  • Popups: Allow all sites to use pop ups or do not allow any site to use pop ups except for the sites in the exception list.

Version 5 of Google Chrome comes with the address bar separator which can be used to hide the extension buttons in the toolbar.

 address bar separator

Google Chrome 5 developer version can be downloaded from the official early access page.

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