February 1 Is Change Your Password Day, Celebrate With Free Sticky Password Premium Licenses, Lifetime License Deal

Do you remember the last time you ever changed your passwords? When was the last time you did an audit of your password security strength? Are you confident that your passwords are not insecure? Well, take a good look at your passwords and its strength as February 1 is Change Your Password DayMy Technology Guide with our friends Sticky Password will help you make the most of this day. Together, we will help you upgrade the way you used to manage your passwords. Most importantly, we will help you change your password to make them stronger, secure.

Passwords are no doubt an essential part of our online digital life. Still, we do not do much to keep them safe and secure. Most of us still uses dictionary based, birthdays, or something that’s easier to remember. Most of the time they are not long enough, and the same password is spread over too many websites. Believe us this is kind of big problem.

Sticky Password - Change Your Password Day - Feb 1

Lets first understand why this is a big problem. The hackers brute forcing to gain access to your account are not the only threat now. The real threats are the computers that are now powerful to decrypt your passwords in minutes. They come cheap and anyone can build a powerful computer in under $300.

Once the attacker gets your password, it is not just bad news for only that compromised account. If you have used the same password for other services too, you have just given the attacker red-carpet welcome to access them.

Ok, so you understood the problem and probably thinking what can you do about it? The most important thing you can do is first change your password, make it longer and unique. Experts suggest that a password of length 12-14 characters are strong. Making your passwords longer may not be a problem but making it unique for each service is hard. The solution to this is to use a secure password manager.

Password managers are now essential part of our digital life. Password manager makes managing our passwords easier. Sticky Password is one of the best password manager available across all platforms.

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