Download Windows 10 Build 10041

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 build 10041 to users testing Windows 10. The latest Windows 10 build 10041 is more stable than before. This build features a transparent Start Menu and other small visual enhancements. The new visual enhancements includes new login screen, new icons, new network fly out. All these visual enhancements makes Windows 10 look much prettier than before. If you are wondering if build 10041 comes with Spartan web browser, you will be disappointed to know it isn’t. May be in the future build, Microsoft will include Spartan browser.

Windows 10

Download Latest Windows 10 build 10041

The latest Windows 10 build 10041 is available to Windows Insider program users testing the operating system. Microsoft is yet to push Windows 10 build 10041 ISO for all users.

Download and Install Windows 10 build 10041 using Windows Update

To download and upgrade your present Windows 10 build through Windows Update, follow the steps below. Don’t forget, you need to do the steps in the current Windows 10 build you are testing.


  • Click on the Start Menu and type Windows Update in the search box.
  • Click on the Windows Update Settings entry from the search result.
  • Once the settings window comes up, click on Preview Builds from the left panel.
  • Click on the Check button to let it search for latest build of Windows 10.
  • Now, Download the new build. The completion time depends on the speed of your internet connection. Have patience and grab a cup of coffee if you want to.

After the download completes, Windows Update will start to install build 10041. If Windows Update doesn’t show any new updates and you are confident if are not running the latest build, follow the instructions below to manually download Windows 10 build 10041 and install it.

Download Windows 10 build 10041 ESD Files

First, you need to download the latest version of Windows 10 from the links below. Make sure you download the same edition that you are running presently on your computer.

The files are in ESD format. You need to first convert it into ISO format or make a bootable USB drive before you can install Windows 10 on your machine. Don’t forget to use a good download manager as browsers normally gives up downloading large files.

Windows 10 Pro x86 build 10041
Windows 10 Pro x64 build 10041
Windows 10 Enterprise x86 build 10041
Windows 10 Enterprise x64 build 10041

If you are looking for Windows 10 build 10041 in your language, you can see the download links on this page.

How to convert ESD to ISO format?

After you have downloaded the ESD file, you need to do a little more work so that you can use it to clean install Windows 10. You need to follow the instructions available on this page. It’s an external website (Microsoft Answers), we will soon publish our own, more simplified instructions very soon. We will update the links.

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