Play Songs According To Your Mood, Weather, Time Of The Day With Smart Music App For Windows 8

Are you a music-freak? Here comes a new app that stores and satisfies your soul with music for your different moods. You know one thing, from morning till night you are always in different moods and in another day you are in a different mood but music helps you re-energize yourself easily. What about if you could listen to music according to your different moods without creating custom playlists?? With Smart Music app for Windows 8 you can do the same; its built-in player enables you to stream the right song directly on to your Windows 8 computer device and thus helps you re-energize yourself without the hassle of creating playlists.

Smart Music App for Windows 8

Let’s take a look at how it works.

After installing the app from the Windows Store, when you launch the app you will be greeted with an easy to use user interface. The main user interface has been grouped into few separate groups like happy, sad, in love, crazy and sleepy. Simply click on the album cover of any song to start listening to it and Smart Music will stream the song for you.

Smart Music app

At the top-right corner of the user interface, you will find a line which says: “I am feeling… click here to let me know”; a click on that line lets you set your mood you are in. You can also listen to songs according to the present weather. The long list of options which you can set according to your mood or weather or according to the time of the day includes, happy, sad, in love, crazy, sleepy, sunny day, rainy all, cloudy, snowy, morning, afternoon, and evening.

Smart Music app: Listen to songs according to your mood, weather and time of day

Once you’ve set the options, click on the blue tick mark to let Smart Music app set up a list of songs according to your specific mood. Now, click on the ‘Play’ button to instantly open up the music player and start playing the song you’ve selected.

Smart Music app: Listen to songs according to your mood, weather and time of day

The option ‘Show Song List’ in the lower left corner shows you the list of all songs in the entire playlist to switch between them. You can also share the song with others by using People or Mail app.

Smart Music app: Listen to songs according to your mood, weather and time of day

The Smart Music player is a great way to listen to songs according to your mood, weather and time of the day. The app does have a shortcoming, it stops playing if you minimize it or even pin it to the side. You have to always keep it in the front to listen to music.

In order to get Smart Music app, open Windows Store and search for Smart Music. Click on the Install button to download and install the app on your Windows 8 or Windows 8 RT device. Smart Music app works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Download Smart Music app from the Windows Store

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