Apologies To All Our FeedBurner Email Subscribers

Major Announcement: We’ve decided to stop delivering email newsletters via FeedBurner.

We request all our FeedBurner subscribers to please use the form on the right sidebar to subscribe again.

We’ve just found out that Google FeedBurner is sending old articles to all our email subscribers. We apology to all our email subscribers for this.

To decide if something is wrong with our RSS Feed, we looked into it and found it working fine. We’re still in the dark about why this is happening?

We are looking forward to all our FeedBurner subscribers for their support.

As we get more details, we’ll update this post. We can only ask our readers to support us and help us.

We’re also thinking about moving our Feeds from Google for better service. If you know about a good service, please comment below.

P.S. We already offer an alternative email subscription offer that is managed by WordPress.com. You can subscribe to it by using the form in the sidebar under the heading “More Subscription Options.”

Update 1: Just got the confirmation that we’re not alone facing this issue. Here’s a discussion going about this issue at the official FeedBurner Help Group.

Update 2: Here’s another thread on the same issue at FeedBurner Help Group, no reply from Google yet.

Please subscribe again to receive our article updates uninterrupted.

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