CCleaner 3.20 Update: Windows 8 Support, Context Menu Editor, Lots of Improvements

CCleaner is the most popular and trusted Windows cleaning tool. It is also our favorite tool for cleaning junk files off our PC. Piriform, the parent company has released CCleaner 3.20.1750 which brings in support for Windows 8 operating system. The updated CCleaner also brings several improvements over earlier versions. A new feature is now available that allows users to edit the context menu items.

If you are an existing user of CCleaner and have set it to automatically check for updates, simply run CCleaner and you will get the update notification. Users can also download CCleaner from the official website of CCleaner, where it is available in both as portable and installer version.


In addition to the above mentioned changes, improved support for Opera 12, Firefox Aurora, Chrome Canary has been added. The official change log mentions improvements in Scheduled Tasks detection, accuracy for uninstall items installation date and size, UAC bypass code, cleaning algorithm duplication detection, file and setting removal when uninstalling and some bug fixes.

CCleaner’s new Windows Explorer Context Menu management tool

Let’s take a quick look at the new Windows Explorer Context Menu management tool. The new context menu editor allows users to easily manage context menu items. It is added to the Startup tool of CCleaner. To access the context menu editor, click on Tools > Startup > Context Menu tab.


Here, enable or disable the context menu items from the list to cleanup the Windows Explorer context menu. When an item is disabled, it is removed from the Windows Explorer context menu. Using the context menu tool you can now easily trim down the long menu you get after you right-click in Windows Explorer. If you need to get back a context menu item, simply enable it back using the tool.

The list displays additional information about the menu item, so that you can easily recognize it. The program name, publisher name and file name are displayed for each item.

CCleaner is already the best cleaning tool for Windows and Mac users. The latest improvements and new features makes it more perfect. And with CCleaner Enhancer, you can improve CCleaner more.

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