Print Edit: Easily Format Webpages For Printing [Firefox Addon]

Printing webpages is sometimes very painful experience. What to do when the webpage you want to print is not so “print friendly“? What to do when you want only a portion of the content to print instead of the full webpage? How to remove all the ads, useless navigation links and other unwanted content before printing to save toner and page?

Well, Print Edit add-on for Firefox is an answer to all these questions and more. It basically enhances the basic Print Preview functionality by adding an Edit button to it.

After installation of the plugin, restart Firefox. Now, visit any website which you want to Print it after using Print Edit. Click Print Edit in the Firefox File menu under Print sub menu or right-click on the page and select Print Edit or from within the Print Preview, click the “Edit” button in the toolbar.

Print Edit Firefox addon

Once in editing mode you can select and deselect elements, hide and delete elements. After you select a section, it gets outlined by a blinking-broken-red line border. You can even select many sections at once and do the tasks.

Print Edit Firefox addon

If you are an advanced user, you can even decorate the page by doing some advanced tweaking through the Format drop-down option. Using Format you can resize the margins, change alignment, change list style, change border and so on. Once you’re done formatting the page, click Preview to see the result. If you’re happy with it, print away. If not, you can always click Edit again and continue tweaking it.

The fastest way to use this add-on is to just select the content area you want to keep and click Delete Except. As you can see the result of Delete Except in the screenshot below.

Print Edit Firefox addon

You can download Print Edit from Firefox Addons website.

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