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Smartphone: How We Use Them 0

Smartphones: How We Use Them? (Infographic)

Today, smartphones are now one of the most basic need of a modern person who wants to stay connected. There are now over 1.4 billion smartphones used around the world. That puts 1 smartphone on the hand of every 4.5 person in the world. Have you ever wondered, how we...

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ESET USSD Control 1

ESET USSD Control: Protects From Dangerous Android USSD Vulnerability

Almost all Android-based smartphones are affected by a dangerous Android USSD vulnerability. The USSD vulnerability allows any malicious users to wipe completely your Android phone remotely, either by directing you to a URL, or through a text message or scan a QR code or NFC tag linking to the malicious website. The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary...

google-analytics-for-android-real-time-analytics 0

Google Analytics for Android (Official Google Analytics Android App)

Google has officially debuted Google Analytics Android app Google Analytics for Android via the Google Play Store. With this release, Google has made the webmasters’ and developers’ lives easier. Google Analytics Android app is yet another feather added to the increasing number native applications of Google services released for the Android...

Mozilla Enters Mobile OS Race With New Boot to Gecko (B2G) project 1

Mozilla Enters Mobile OS Race With New Boot to Gecko (B2G) project

Mozilla announced their new experimental project “Boot to Gecko” and made it clear that they are also entering the tablet/mobile operating system race. Boot to Gecko (B2G) operating system emphasizes standards-based Web technologies which initially will focus on tablets and smartphones. Mozilla made the official announcement at their Google Groups...

JailbreakMe: Easy iPhone 4 Jailbreaking by iPhone Dev Team 0

JailbreakMe: Easy iPhone 4 Jailbreaking by iPhone Dev Team

After the Library of Congress made iPhone jailbreaking legal, Comex and company, the infamous iPhone Dev Team has released the long-awaited jailbreak to the iPhone 4. It’s called JailbreakMe, an easy way to jailbreak the iPhone 4. According to their new page JailbreakMe, the hack works right from your iPhone’s browser (or 3GS, 3G,...

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