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Flashback Trojan Removal Tool Officially Released By Apple

Apple has officially released Flashback Trojan Removal Tool that targets OS X Lion 10.7 users. The Cupertino software giant has recommended all Mac users, who do not have Java installed on their OS X Lion, to run the standalone removal tool. Functionality of the tool is identical to that which...

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MacCleaning: Free Disk Cleaner for Mac OS X from EaseUs 0

MacCleaning: Free Disk Cleaner for Mac OS X from EaseUs

Every operating system user faces the problem of accumulating temporary/junk files eating up disk space. As you go on using your operating system, you suddenly realize that the system partition is having less amount of free space. Since, the operating system doesn’t automatically deleted these unneeded files, the files takes up...

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Grooveshark Desktop For Mac

Grooveshark is one of the popular streaming music service. You just have to visit their web page and start listening to your favorite music for free. We will not go into too much details about Grooveshark as we think everyone here knows about them. Earlier we have seen Grooveshark desktop...

Simpo PDF to Word for Mac [Free Download Promotion Expired] 0

Simpo PDF to Word for Mac [Free Download Promotion Expired]

Earlier, we have covered few promotions related to PDF converters including PDF to word converters. These promotions were mostly for Windows users. We did reviewed one for Mac owners but sadly it wasn’t free. Mac users who need to convert a PDF file to an easily editable file format can try out Simpo...

iSkysoft SyncPod Free Halloween Giveaway [Expired] 0

iSkysoft SyncPod Free Halloween Giveaway [Expired]

Another Halloween Treat for our readers. This time it’s by iSkysoft, in which, you can get a free copy of iSkysoft SyncPod normally priced at $19. According to the developers, it is the easiest way to transfer iPod, iPhone music back to Mac. iSkysoft SyncPod lets Mac users transfer music,...

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