MacCleaning: Free Disk Cleaner for Mac OS X from EaseUs

Every operating system user faces the problem of accumulating temporary/junk files eating up disk space. As you go on using your operating system, you suddenly realize that the system partition is having less amount of free space. Since, the operating system doesn’t automatically deleted these unneeded files, the files takes up gigabytes of disk space. At the end system performance takes the toll and you notice computer running slow.

Windows users have some good utilities like CCleaner for cleaning up the junk and temporary files. Mac users also have CCleaner for Mac, but it’s still under development and is in beta stage at time of writing. If you don’t want to try out a beta product for your Mac, check out MacCleaning, developed by EaseUs, the developers of many good hard disk utilities.

MacCleaning is a freeware, all-in-one Mac OS based menu bar utility which lets you clean junk files and features disk space monitor and drive ejection. The disk space monitor lets you monitor the amount of disk space being used and left. Whenever any drives in your Mac is running out of space, MacCleaning will recommend you to clean out the junk files to free up some space.


MacCleaning Free by default empties system and user caches, and system and user logs. If you also want to clean the Trash and the contents of your personal Downloads folder you can do so by selecting them under Preferences of the application.

The application sits unobtrusively in the menu bar. The program is configured to start with your Mac. The application shows a bar chart revealing the overall free space available. If the amount of free space dips below 10 percent, the application starts an alarm. If you click on the menu bar icon, you can watch each chart for each drive or external partitions connected to your Mac. You also have an option to eject removable drives, so that you can quickly and safely unmount them from your computer.

Download MacCleaning

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