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View, Backup, Export Outlook Address Book Using OutlookAdressBookView

OutlookAddressBookView, is a portable application for the Windows platform. With the help of OutlookAddressBookView app, Outlook users can view the details of all recipients stored in their Microsoft Outlook address book. The application displays all fields of a contact in a tabular format which is easy to read. It supports both IMAP...

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30+ Beautiful Wallpapers To Brighten Up Your Desktop

Everyday, I cover here articles related to tech only. Today, I thought of taking a break from this and share some awesome wallpapers with you all. Whenever, I get bored, I change my wallpaper to something fresh and elegant. This helps me kill the boredom and freshen up my mind....

HTML5 Video Support Added To Bing Homepage 1

HTML5 Video Support Added To Bing Homepage

Microsoft has enabled HTML5 videos for its Bing search engine. Both the search engine giants, Google and Bing always tries their best to entice the users by bringing in new features to their homepages. Earlier, what was a simple search form on both these search giants homepages, has now became...

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