Update Google Chrome: Latest Google Chrome 33 Download Links


The Stable channel of Google Chrome has been updated to 33.0.1750.152 for Mac, Linux and 33.0.1750.154 for Windows. … [Read more...]

Disable Java In Your Browser, On Windows, Mac OS X Platform [Complete Tutorial]


With more and more zero-day vulnerabilities are uncovered which is affecting Oracle's Java plugin, users are now often asking how to disable Java or remove Java from their Windows computers or Mac platform. First, let us clear the confusion which arises among most users about Java … [Read more...]

Disable Chrome Metro, Always Open Google Chrome In Windows 8 Desktop

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Windows 8 flaunts two different user interfaces, the new modern "Metro" interface and the classic desktop interface. Now, the problem with this is if your favorite web browser supports the new interface, you will actually end up using two versions of the same browser. The first version which is … [Read more...]

Google Chrome for Android Finally Released, But Not Available To Everyone

Google Chrome has finally arrived for Android mobile devices. On Tuesday, in an official Google Chrome blog post, the company announced the release of Chrome Web browser for Android app. While announcing, the company said that like the desktop version, Chrome for Android Beta is focused on speed … [Read more...]

Uncircle+ Lets You Remove Inactive People From Your Google+ Account

uncircle+ chrome extension

Are you already touching the Google+ limit of 5000 people in your circles? Do you want to do some clean up and get rid of all the inactive people? Uncircle+ is a Google Chrome extension for you. Uncircle+ lets you uncircle people (i.e. remove) inactive people from your Google+ circle with … [Read more...]

Open ZIP and RAR With Google Docs Viewer [Google Chrome Extension]


Google Docs Viewer recently added support for viewing ZIP and RAR archive files online. With these two additions, Google Docs Viewer can now display 17 file formats in your browser. If you simply want to view the contents of ZIP or RAR archive files or just want to extract some files, you can now do … [Read more...]

How To Change Black Google Nav-bar Back To White Nav-bar [Quick Tip]


Google has launched a number of changes including a black nav-bar with gray font color, the navigation bar present at the top, which links to many Google services. But for many users this contrasting change is unacceptable unlike many who loved it. They want to get back good old white navigation … [Read more...]

How to Enable/Disable Google Instant in Chrome [Quick Tip]

Enable Google Instant in Chrome

Google Instant is a new type of search enhancement provided by Google that shows results as you type. Instant will help you get better search results, faster and can save 2-5 seconds per search. It predicts the most likely completion and streams results in real-time for those predictions - yielding … [Read more...]

Disable Flash Ads (Content) in Google Chrome by Enabling Click To Play [How To]


Earlier, we have shown you how to disable Flash completely in Google Chrome without using any plugin. But that method had a disadvantage. What if you want to have flash enabled for certain pages or websites like YouTube? For this reason, we have come up with another useful tip for you. This … [Read more...]