How To Remove, Delete Or Uninstall Any Browser Toolbar, Including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, or Comcast Toolbar

SK Mezanul Haque

SK Mezanul Haque is the founder of (popularly known as My Technology Guide). Passionate about all things in tech. Let’s meet: Google Plus.

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3 Responses

  1. Tech Sputter says:

    WOW man really a nice post, initially i installed these toolbars they became a headache to me whenever i used my Mozilla browser, after going through your post i got relieved :-) :-)

  2. Alis says:

    Great article. I have panther for Mac and clicked on a site for google and had no idea I’d get the whole tool bar and tons of stuff I don’t want. I want to uninstall the whole toolbar and have not created an account. Is there any help anywhere for uninstalling from a Mac.
    Been looking for hours.
    Thanks, Alis

    • Mezanul says:

      If you can tell us more about the toolbar, like where from you got it, its name, etc. We may be able to help you. Waiting for your reply..

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