LogViewer Pro: View, Analyze, Compare Large .log Files

LogViewer Pro is a simple, freeware, lightweight, portable application developed to quickly view, analyze and compare huge log files, even if the size of the log file is 4GB or more. It offers simple tabbed interface for doing comparisons of multiple log files simultaneously.

LogViewer Pro is lightweight in the sense it is very light on system resources, especially when you’ve opened simultaneously multiple large log files. It helps you to quickly analyze any log file by marking the information, errors and warnings present in it. Errors are marked as red, yellow signifies warnings and blue signifies information. You can however customize the colors according to your choice. LogViewer Pro also lets you create a new regular expression to be marked with custom color.

LogViewer Pro

The search option present in the app helps you find any specific part of the log file easily. It also lets you search in forward and backward directions. You can also define filters to narrow down the search. It also lets you bookmark any place of your log file. You can get access to all the bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu.

LogViewer Pro options

Special “Follow tail” mode lets you change on per-tab basis. So you can enable “Follow tail” for one file, and disable it for another. The file highlighting feature now supports 20 different colors. Lines can be matched using RegEx, so you can use one color option for several different words: you should specify “word1|word2|...” for this.

LogViewer Pro Features:

  • Fast scrolling, lightweight app that consumes low memory even when you are working with large log files.
  • Supports any file size. (Even files of size 4 GB and larger)
  • Multi-tabbed interface for easy comparison.
  • Auto-reload file, “Follow tail” mode.
  • Allows to highlight some lines. (“errors”, “warnings” and “info” )
  • Supports multiple encodings: ANSI, OEM, UTF-8, Unicode LE/BE etc.
  • Powerful log file search both in forward and backward directions.
  • File printing, line wrapping, configurable tab expansion, line numbers
  • Always-on-top option
  • Unicode names support

The application is a boon for people like us who have to deal with large log files regularly. It runs on all 32-bit versions of Windows.

Note: This application is free for Personnel Home Use only.

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