Uncircle+ Lets You Remove Inactive People From Your Google+ Account

Are you already touching the Google+ limit of 5000 people in your circles? Do you want to do some clean up and get rid of all the inactive people? Uncircle+ is a Google Chrome extension for you.

Uncircle+ lets you uncircle people (i.e. remove) inactive people from your Google+ circle with ease. So, if you want to add new people to your circles, you can add them without reaching the 5000 limit.

Do note that the “Inactive people” here referred by the author of the extension, are those people in your circles who have not shared any posts (original, reshare, private or public posts) with you. So, if that person is having at least one post, he is active. Thus, after doing the housekeeping with this extension, if you want to further cleanup “dormant” accounts, you have to do so manually. We are referring “dormant” here are those people who have not shared any post for a long time after they signed up.

How to use Uncircle+ to remove inactive people from your Google+ circles?

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. You will see an icon of Uncircle+ on the toolbar.
  2. Sign in to your Google+ account and click on that icon.
  3. Uncircle+ will open up a new tab where it displays the status of each steps being performed. It starts collecting a list of people whom you’ve added to your circles.
  4. Now, click on the Find Inactive People! button. It will start checking the activity of all the people found in your circles.
  5. After the analysis is complete, it displays a list of inactive people and lets you select which ones to remove.
  6. Clicking on the Remove Selected button starts removing the selected inactive people from your circle.

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A word of caution, before removing, do check the list. Don’t blame us if something goes wrong. Happy hunting… Thanks to Kimberly Castleberry.

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