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Windows 8 flaunts two different user interfaces, the new modern “Metro” interface and the classic desktop interface. Now, the problem with this is if your favorite web browser supports the new interface, you will actually end up using two versions of the same browser. The first version which is easily accessible through the new Windows 8 Start Page and the second through the classic desktop version. In this how to article, we will see how you can take control over this behavior of Google Chrome web browser. After completing the process, Google Chrome will be always forced to open in Windows 8 desktop regardless of where it was actually launched from.

Google seems experimenting again with a new design for the World’s most popular video portal, YouTube. Here’s how to get that new YouTube homepage and video page design, to see for yourself.

Google appears to be working on YouTube’s homepage and video pages to make it look like the design of Google+ social network. The left sidebar lists all your subscriptions along with the number of recent videos from each subscription. A search box is also added to help you find a subscription. The suggested channels are displayed below your subscriptions in the scrolling list. The sidebar no longer lists popular YouTube categories.

The experimental video page is now displayed in lighter background color. The video title and the channel information is now displayed below the video. The uploader’s/channel’s name and subscribe button are now displayed prominently beneath that. The new design makes the buttons less obvious. In fact, most of the buttons on the page are turned into links with icons instead. YouTube now displays more information about the video by default.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available for public download. Many of you are already testing it out while some of you are still busy downloading it.

At a glance, Windows 8 with its Metro UI seems to be mainly optimized for touchscreen input. But if a user delves further, especially those who are confined to traditional keyboard and mouse input, will be glad to find that Windows 8 supports a huge number of keyboard shortcuts to help them interact easily with the new interface. In fact, most of these new shortcuts are mainly to interact with the Metro user interface. For instance, if a user presses Windows Key + C, the operating system will display the Charms bar.

Microsoft Windows 8 will be the next version of Windows operating system. For the first time with Windows 8, Microsoft wants to offer desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, server, and media center PC users the same unified experience. It’s not a secret anymore that Microsoft Windows 8 will come with two different interface. One is the classic desktop user interface which regular Windows users are using now and the new Metro user interface optimized for tablets and touch-based devices. Mozilla now seems don’t want to left out of all the Metro fun.

Mozilla has revealed this week about their plans to create a Metro style version of Firefox specially for Windows 8. The browser will be based on the open source Gecko engine. It will take full advantage of screen touch enhancements, alongside support for the Awesomebar, tabs, and common navigation controls. Mozilla has published two new Wiki pages detailing their plans.

WordPress has had over 65 million downloads since version 3.0 was released, out of which WordPress 3.2 has had over 14 million downloads. Today, the world sees the latest avatar of WordPress, as WordPress developers releases WordPress 3.3. Codenamed “Sonny” in honor of the jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt, WordPress 3.3 is available for download or update from within your WordPress dashboard.

Gmail team has finally released Gmail’s new look. Gmail new look was earlier available through two themes namely, Preview and Preview (dense).

Gmail’s new looks seems to be one more stepping stone towards bringing a consistent look throughout all Google products after the launch of Google+ (Google Plus). This new look features Streamlined conversations, Elastic density, New HD themes, Smarter navigation and Better search.

How to switch to Gmail’s New Look?

The new look is available to everyone and is now a opt-in feature. You will find a link to switch to the new look in your Gmail. If you don’t see the link to switch simply refresh Gmail once. Personally we liked the new look and features very much.

Do you like the new Windows 8 Metro UI or the Windows 7 Phone Interface? If you like it and want to transform your Windows desktop to the new look, Omnimo UI. Using Omnimo UI you can now enjoy the tile based Windows 8 layout, Microsoft showed off at the D9 conference.

If you joined later, Windows 8 supports two types of applications; Classic desktop Windows apps and HTML5 web apps. Microsoft’s new start screen includes easy touch icons to allow users of touch based devices to easily navigate through the operating system. The user interface and new apps will work with or without a keyboard and mouse on a broad range of screen sizes and pixel densities, from small slates to laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, and even classroom-sized displays.

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In this digital age, we store data commonly in hard disks, but we should be extra cautious about our precious data. As hard disks are getting cheaper and cheaper, everyone is storing everything they can in them. But, have we all ever thought about backup? With these fragile data storage medium, we can never be 100% sure. Disaster happens almost everyday, hard disks fails, data corruption occurs, in seconds all our important precious data vanishes in thin air, while we just stare at the monitor helplessly. Sounds scary?

It’s scary, loosing all our data in seconds is the worst nightmare that anyone will want to experience. Here, at My Technology Guide, we take backup seriously, thus we rely on VaultPress, a premium backup service by Automattic for WordPress sites. We will share about our experience with them some other day.

While our Windows operating system is busy performing a scheduled backup, there’s time to check an interesting backup tool, NovaBACKUP Professional. NovaBACKUP Professional is a cost-effective backup application for Windows users. It has an easy to use user interface and can back up your data to CD/DVD drives, online over the Internet, or to tape drives, disk drives and other media without interfering with other programs. The easy step-by-step wizard guides you through performing backup and restore tasks.

Microsoft has for the first time revealed the user interface of Windows 8.

At the D9 Conference, Microsoft demonstrated the next generation of Windows, internally code-named “Windows 8,” for the first time. Microsoft revealed a number of details of the operating system’s new interface through a press release and to All Things Digital.

Windows 8 supports two types of applications; Classic desktop Windows apps and HTML5 web apps. The demonstration video (embedded below) shows the new user interface seamlessly interacting with legacy applications. Microsoft’s new start screen includes easy touch icons to allow users of touch based devices to easily navigate through the operating system.

In one of our earlier articles, we shared a good news for Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick” users who wants to get Unity 2D without upgrading to the latest Ubuntu 11.04 version.

Unity 2D is basically a desktop shell developed for hardware platforms that don’t support Unity’s OpenGL requirements. In other words, it’s developed for Ubuntu systems having less hardware resources.

2D’s architecture is very close to that of the original Unity desktop shell since it shares the same backend components, except that it replaces the user interface elements. The user interface elements which gets replaced in this strip down version of the desktop shell are the panel, launcher and places components. Moreover, it uses a tweaked version of Metacity instead of Compiz as its window manager.