Microsoft has rolled out a new cumulative update for Windows 8 operating system. The latest update will bring performance, audio and video playback, application and driver compatibility, and battery improvements.

The major update is released just ahead of general availability of the flagship operating system. To be precise only two weeks before the release of Windows 8 for public. The update will be automatically delivered to all Windows 8 systems via Windows Update.

Hard disk fragmentation is one of the main reason behind sluggish computer performance. As the amount of disk space has increased, it has become difficult to keep it in good shape. Most users don’t even bother to defragment. The most obvious reason is the amount of time required for completing the defrag process. Although, the default Windows’ default defrag utility pretty much does its job. But, if you’re looking for a more powerful, faster defrag utility, meet PerfectDisk Free Defrag utility by Raxco Software.

In our previous we talked about how to use a system repair disk for rescuing Windows 7 or Vista in case of problems. In the System Recovery Options that Windows system repair disk offers, there is an option System Image Recovery that lets you recover your computer using a system image created during a backup.

In today’s article, we take a look at creating a backup image of your machine without the need for a third-party utility like True Image or Norton Ghost. In case of problem, you can choose the System Image Recovery option provided by the system repair disk and use this image to recover your Windows.

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