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Apple introduced support for third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad since iOS 8. Since then many popular keyboards were ported to the iOS platform. Third-party keyboards are keyboards that generally offers features that are not offered by the stock iOS keyboard by Apple. For example some supports slide to type, animated GIF images, and more. Google recently foraged into the niche and launched their own keyboard, Gboard for iOS.

Apple has released iOS 8.3 software update to the App Store on iTunes available for download on supported iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The latest iOS 8.3 update is the third major release of the iOS 8 mobile operating system. All users running iOS 8.2 or testing the iOS 8.3 Public Beta can update to the final iOS 8.3.

How to Download iOS 8.3 Update and Install it

Warning! Make sure that your iOS device is charged. If not, you should plug it in before proceeding. During the process your iOS device will be automatically restarted.

The update process is simple. All you need to update to iOS 8.3 is open the App Store app on your iOS device, tap on General, and on the right, tap on Software Update. Let your device search for software update. Once you see iOS 8.3 update, tap on Download and Install. You will be asked to review and agree to the software terms before you can continue. Tap on Agree and let your iOS device download iOS 8.3 and install it. Your device will download iOS 8.3 and install it automatically.

Download iOS 8.3 Update

You can also use iTunes to download and update your iOS device. Simply attach your iOS device with your PC or Mac and iTunes will ask you if you want to download iOS 8.3 and update your device.

Download iOS 8.3 Update

Here’s what’s new in iOS 8.3

The complete list of all the changes is huge and it’s not possible to include all the changes here. You can easily view the list of changes implemented in the iOS 8.3 update by tapping on the “Learn More” button before tapping on the “Download and Install” button. If you missed it, here’s a gist of the changes.

iOS 8.3 Update Change Log

iOS 8.3 Update Change Log

iOS 8.3 Update Change Log

iOS 8.3 Update Change Log

iOS 8.3 update improves performance of Wi-Fi, Safari tabs, third-party keyboards, Messages, App launches, keyboard shortcuts, App responsiveness, and the Simplified Chinese keyboard. Apple has also fixed issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, rotation and orientation, Messages app, CarPlay, Family Sharing, Calendar events, Safari, Exchange meetings, VoiceOver, VPN, Braille Screen Input, Speak Screen, and many other components.

If you are looking to find what is new in iOS 8.3, Apple has introduced a redesigned Emoji keyboard that now has over 300 new characters. Apple has also improved the iCloud Photo Library component to work with the new Photos for Mac app introduced in OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite.

Last but not least, with iOS 8.3, your iOS device will have support for Baum VarioUltra 20 and VarioUltra 40 braille displays. You have now the option to remove the billing and shipping address from Apple Pay. Apple has also updated Siri to support several new languages. iOS 8.3 has also improved the stability of many core iOS apps.

Apple released iOS 8.1.1 for all supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. iOS 8.1.1 (build 12B435, build 12B436) includes many bug fixes and general performance enhancements to improve the overall stability of iOS 8.

As said earlier, iOS 8.1.1 update is mostly about bug fixes and stability enhancements. It includes performance enhancements for old iOS devices (iPad 2 and iPhone 4s). If your iOS device is running iOS, you can download iOS 8.1.1 either via OTA (Over The Air) or using iTunes. If you are an advance user, you can use the IPSW file (links at the end of this post) to update to the latest iOS version.

Apple on September 17, 2014 released iOS 8. The latest iOS is available worldwide for all iOS devices includes iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Details of iOS 8 supported device is at the end of this post. Apple is marketing iOS 8 as the biggest iOS update released, since the launch of the App Stores. With literally hundreds of new features, that includes new Messages, Photos features, new QuickType keyboard that supports more languages, a new Health app, Family Sharing, iCloud Drive and more, iOS 8 is really the biggest update ever released. Apple has also fixed a lot of bugs and fixed security issues.