Firefox 3.6.4


Mozilla has just released Firefox 3.6.6, less than a week after the release of the long-awaited Firefox 3.6.4 version. Firefox 3.6.6 fixes a stability issue in the web browser. This update addressed issues with the new plugin handler causing issues with the immensely popular Facebook game Farmville. See bug 574905 for full details.

Firefox 3.6.6 modifies the crash protection feature to increase the amount of time that plugins are allowed to be non-responsive before being terminated.

The developers have increased the time that plugins are allowed to be non-responsive before they are terminated by the browser. The timeout was set to 10 seconds initially and now has been increased to 45 seconds in this new release.

Mozilla has finally released Firefox 3.6.4, the latest security and stability release for Firefox. This release provides crash protection for Windows and Linux users by isolating third-party plugins when they crash. The feature is like that in Google Chrome as it runs plugins in their own process to increase browser stability and security.

Out-of-process plugins are enabled by default and make sure that a crashing plugin will not crash the browser itself as well. Firefox can now prevents Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight crashes from bringing down your entire browser on Windows and Linux computers just like Google Chrome does. Read the Crash Protection FAQ for more detailed information about this new feature.

Firefox 3.6.4 will bring in a new era of Mozilla Firefox web browser. With Firefox 3.6.4, Mozilla is not releasing just another minor update to its open source browser, but rather are going for a new Firefox evolution. In today’s tough competition in the browser market with so many tough competitors, it is very much-needed for Firefox to have a secure place. If you see closely, you will find that Firefox 3.6.4 has swallowed the development of Firefox 3.7 as Mozilla wants to boost the stability of Firefox through the introduction of a completely new feature, which is designed to cut off plug-ins from the main Firefox process and run them in as a separate process.

According to Mozilla’s latest plans, Firefox 3.6.4 is scheduled for release on June 1st, 2010, almost two months after the earlier release, Firefox 3.6.3, which was a critical security update.