Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3.300.262, which officially fixes the issues faced by Mozilla Firefox users.

Adobe Flash Player update that shipped earlier this month caused problems for Firefox users. Most users complained that the update caused Firefox to crash or freeze. Mozilla released an update last week to temporarily fix some issues related to Flash. Mozilla, along with Adobe also offered some troubleshooting tips for affected Firefox users.

Imagine that you spent several weeks on getting your annual report ready; or even had to fly to New York to get the hard drive with the required tax documentation. Unexpectedly the file system gets corrupt due to Disk Utility error, and all the data is lost. Disk Drill is able to prevent this situation and save you thousands of dollars and weeks or even months of time of re-doing the same job! It will easily recover the lost data in case of an accident.

Disk Drill is a free standalone tool for users of all levels that helps recover lost data, deleted files, and strives to prevent unexpected data loss with the help of its own Recovery Vault technology.

Microsoft has released a hotfix for fixing a very serious issue in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 that is affecting users whose computers are attached with hard drives larger than 2 terabytes of disk space. The consequences of this bug is very fatal and may cause volume corruption and if the corrupted volumes include the system partition, than users cannot start the computer.

This issue occurs because of the crash dump disk driver (Diskdump.sys) cannot address more than 2 terabytes of disk space. The Diskdump.sys driver can address up to 2 to the power of 32 sectors. If the sector size is 512 bytes, the driver can address up to 2 terabytes of disk space. If the actual offset is larger than this limitation, the driver incorrectly truncates the offset and saves data to a wrong location. Therefore, one or more volumes on the disk are corrupted.

At the Google Chrome Help Forum, Google employee Blair has posted a list of software identified to crash Google Chrome web browser. In the list users will also find some popular software such as WinMount, NVIDIA NTune, SpeedBit Video Accelerator, etc listed along with others that causes instability in Google Chrome.

Blair suggests to temporarily disable the marked softwares and see if it resolved Chrome crashes. Blair also listed some softwares, for which you can simply disable some of its functions without disabling the software completely to solve crash issues.