adobe AIR


Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3 has been released by Adobe software.

Adobe Flash Player 11 features hardware accelerated graphics rendering support through Stage 3D. According the Adobe, the support for hardware accelerated graphics rendering improves the rendering times by a factor of up to a 1000 times over Flash Player 10. The new technology also enables playing high quality games on the Flash platform. To show the new features and capabilities of Flash Player 11, Adobe has published two sample videos.

Grooveshark lets you listen to music online for free. It has one of the best collection of music. You can also subscribe for paid account that comes with more features. For accessing the free music streaming service, till now you need to open web browser and then open their website. But now you can bypass the website and enjoy free music using the official Grooveshark Desktop App. The application is based on Adobe AIR. It provides you with the same set of features without you having to open any browser.

The user interface is similar to the web interface. You can login to your account, play music from your playlist, set playback and other settings, etc. If you have saved your playlists in your account online, you can easily retrieve it using the desktop app. The desktop app is useful tool for all Grooveshark users.

youtubeWant to watch YouTube videos without the browser? DeskTube might be the application you need. DeskTube is an Adobe AIR application. As the name suggests, DeskTube is a free desktop application which YouTube functions to the desktop to give YouTube users instant access to the video site by just double clicking the application on the desktop, without the need to open your browser. It is not just a YouTube “desktop application”, using it, you can connect with your friends over Facebook, tweet to the world with Twitter, record and upload videos to YouTube, or even video chat with three friends.