DeskTube – Free Adobe AIR Youtube Application that supports Twitter, Facebook, MySpace

youtubeWant to watch YouTube videos without the browser? DeskTube might be the application you need. DeskTube is an Adobe AIR application. As the name suggests, DeskTube is a free desktop application which YouTube functions to the desktop to give YouTube users instant access to the video site by just double clicking the application on the desktop, without the need to open your browser. It is not just a YouTube “desktop application”, using it, you can connect with your friends over Facebook, tweet to the world with Twitter, record and upload videos to YouTube, or even video chat with three friends.

DeskTube allows users to access all the YouTube functions via its simple and clean user interface. It allows you to search videos, copy the video url, copy the video embed code, add comments, view more information about the video and check related videos. YouTube users can log in to their accounts to upload videos, post comments, and check out personal playlists and subscriptions. Added advantage of DeskTube is the support for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. This allows users to interact and communicate with their friends via its video chat feature and provides quick access to these sites.

We found DeskTube a bit shaky on some parts. The controls are sometimes random and you might find them not working, also if your YouTube password has special characters than logging in to your YouTube account fails. Though the developers are aware of this bug and are working on an update.

Overall, DeskTube is a great idea and is under very active and ongoing development, so most of these bugs/issues will be fixed in new updates.

Note: You’ll need Adobe AIR 1.5 to install DeskTube if it is not already installed.

[ Download DeskTube ]

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