Get Windows 8 Taskbar User Picture Tile In Windows 7 [How To]

In our earlier articles related to Windows 8, we have posted a number of leaked screenshots. In one of those earliest Windows 8 images, we saw Windows Live integration on the taskbar. In the far right corner, there’s a user tile displayed. Now, if you’d like to enjoy the same feature on Windows 7, simply download Taskbar User Tile from DeviantArt user AngelWZR.

Once you have installed Taskbar User Tile, your current picture will appear on the taskbar. Click on your profile picture, and a menu appears which allows you to log off, switch users, and access the control panel.


Note: This is an alpha release and it contains some bugs. Right now, the mod only works if your taskbar is displayed on the bottom of your Windows desktop.

Download Taskbar User Tile

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