Picture Collage Maker Pro Giveaway Winners Announced

Recently, we ran a giveaway of Picture Collage Maker Pro for our readers. Below is the list of 15 random lucky winners, each lucky winner will receive 1 free License of Picture Collage Maker Pro.

  1. Carol Pierce
  2. Lee
  3. myimmortalize
  4. teo
  5. Ande
  6. Jeff
  7. vhick
  8. Raj
  9. jelson
  10. idris kurtum
  11. Green
  12. ded
  13. Luis G
  14. Murphy
  15. Paf

Congratulations to all the winners!

If you are not a winner, don’t be disheartened as our next giveaways are coming within the next few days. Best of luck for the next giveaways! :)

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