Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 (RTW) Free Download Link

silverlightMicrosoft Silverlight helps you create rich web applications that run on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Linux and is a major competitor to the Adobe Flash. The new version of Microsoft Silverlight, Silverlight 3.0 build 3.0.40624.0 has been officially Released To Web (RTW) by Microsoft and is now available free download.

Silverlight 3 includes a lot of improvements and enhancements, such as Support for Higher Quality Video & Audio, Smooth Streaming which allows instant viewing of 720p or higher HD video without buffering, Out of Browser Capabilities, Perspective 3D support, GPU Acceleration support, AAC audio and H.264 video decoding support, ClearType text rendering support, and more. You can view all the details at the Silverlight 3.0 What’s New page.

Silverlight Program Manager Tim Heuer explains Silverlight 3.0 features in detailed on his blog, which is especially useful for developers. For developers, Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow RC, a visual tool for designing and prototyping Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application for desktop and Silverlight web applications, has also been made available free download via Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft is going to host an online version of Silverlight 3.0 with Microsoft Expression 3.0 launch which will be held at See The Light. Silverlight 3 can be downloaded and installed from here, you may also directly download the Silverlight 3 Installer from here. Apple Mac users can download from here.

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