Common Browser Keyboard Shortcuts (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)

I always use a number of browsers for surfing. The main reason is the features that I like in one but is not present in the other. One more reason is I test My Technology Guide by loading it into different browsers. This helps me to make My Technology Guide appear and work as flawlessly as possible in different browsers. Once before, I covered a nice small portable application called “Browser Chooser” which helps me dynamically assign default browser. Which is very handy for anyone who is having a number of browsers installed.

Today, I will share with you a few keyboard shortcuts that are common to all the common browsers, viz. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari. Just remember these keyboard shortcuts and use them in any of your favorite mentioned browsers. After all using keyboard shortcuts is always faster than with the mouse! :)

+ New Tab
+ Close Tabs
+ Cycle to Next Tab
+ + Cycle to Previous Tab
+ + Close all tabs
+ + Restore Last Closed Tab
+ Open a New Browser Window
+ Find
+ Copy
+ Paste
+ Cut
+ [+] Zoom In
+ Zoom Out
+ [0] Default Zoom Settings
+ Go to the Address Bar
+ Go to the Search Bar
+ Open History
+ + Add Bookmark

Autocomplete “www.” “.com” before and after to an address. For Example if you type google and then press [ Ctrl ] + [ Enter ] and see how the browser automatically changes it to

Switch to Full screen

If you know any more shortcuts other than the above don’t forget to share them with us!

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