Use AirPrint Hacktivator To Automatically Enable AirPrint

With the release of the latest Mac OS X 10.6.5 update, it was supposed that AirPrint or in simple terms, wireless printing from iOS devices like iPad/iPhone/iPod will be available to OS X users. But due to some last-minute issue, AirPrint support was pulled out in the final version of 10.6.5 release.

For users who wants to get back AirPrint support in the latest update of OS X, we found a manual work-around to enable AirPrint. But if you don’t want to mess around with files and do it manually, using this small app, “AirPrintHacktivator” is lot more easier.


Simply download the AirPrintHacktivator file, unzip the app, run it and click on “Hacktivate” to enable AirPrint Support in 10.6.5.


If you are running an older version of OS X or iTunes, it will let you know. Otherwise, you will find two buttons, (see in the screenshot above) one to “Hacktivate” AirPrint service on your system and the other to “De Hacktivate“. The app makes a backup of your current files before replacing them.

You can visit Netputing for more details about this app and download AirPrint Hacktivator.

Remember, use it at your own risk!

AirPrint Hacktivator requires the latest 10.6.5 OS X update with iTunes 10.1+ installed. [via 9to5Mac]

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