Do You Want a Google Wave Invite? 24 Google Wave Invites for Giveaway! [Expired]

google-wave-logoPresently Google Wave is in a limited invite-only preview, in simple words, it is available for only limited number of users to try their hands on this online tool. But there is a good news for My Technology Guide readers, we have got 15 24 wave invites to give away to our readers.

Many people are still desperately looking for a Google Wave Invite, and if you’re among those than here is a great opportunity to grab a Google Wave invite. To enter our Google Wave Invitation giveaway just follow the simple instruction given below in this post.

How to get a Google Wave Invite?

The rules are very simple:

  • You just need to follow us on Twitter (@mytechguide) and then retweet this:

RT @mytechguide My Technology Guide is giving away 25 #Google #Wave Invite

  • Make sure that you include your twitter username (in the format @username) in your comment along with your comment.


  • In case you do not have twitter account, you can still take part in the giveaway. All you need to do is subscriber to our free email newsletter and comment below using the same email address.

Do let us know in comments if something is unclear to you of the rules of this giveaway.

We will giveaway more if we get more Google Wave invites soon, so for staying  updated make sure you’re subscribed to our RSS (or via email) and follow us on twitter for updates of wave invites. Follow @mytechguide or our Facebook page.

Happy Wave surfing! :)

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