NetAnimate: Get Classic Network Activity Indicator Back In Windows

After upgrading to Windows 7 or Vista you may miss the classic network activity indicator, as the default one that Microsoft has built for these operating system is pretty lifeless and doesn’t show any activity. If you want back the classic good old’ network activity animator of the Windows XP era, then you can get it back easily using a small application named NetAnimate for Windows 7, Vista, and 2008. Previously, we have talked about a similar application which is portable, Network Activity Indicator, which also lets you get back classic network activity.

NetAnimate is a very small application that monitors and indicates network traffic of your computer. The program runs as a system tray icon, providing a visual sign of network traffic of the selected network adapters. Holding the pointer over the tray icon will display the total number of bytes sent and received by your network adapters.

netanimate - get classic network activity in windows

Right-click on the system tray icon to pop-up a context menu that allows you to open “Network Connections”, “Network and Sharing center”, “Windows Firewall” windows and the properties of the network adapters available.

netanimate - get classic network activity in windows

In NetAnimate, you have the option to select from different icon sets as your network activity indicator. The program does not need any additional libraries and does not make any changes to the system.

netanimate - get classic network activity in windows

Download NetAnimate

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