AeroTweak: Tweak Windows By Changing 50 Different System Parameters

AeroTweak is freeware application for Windows 7 and Vista that allows you to easily change about 50 system settings and tweak Windows. The settings includes those that affects the user interface, system performance and system security. It is a standalone portable utility and does not need any installation as such.

AeroTweak also lets you recover your Windows 7 or Windows Vista product key. You can also view general system information. It lets you create System Restore point using only a click of a button before you make changes to your system, so that you can later revert back to old settings if you face a problem.


Many Windows XP users probably know about Microsoft TweakUI. It is a Windows XP system tweaker by Microsoft. For some reason Microsoft never released any utility similar to TweakUI for Windows 7 and Vista. According to the developer of AeroTweak, they created AeroTweak to fill up the void created by the non-existence of proper free tweaking utilities for Windows Vista and above.

AeroTweak interface supports only Russian and English languages. It is fully portable and consists of only one file “AeroTweak.exe” which is around 1 MB in size, thus you can carry it around in your USB flash drive.

Download AeroTweak

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