Two Apps To Help You Easily Find What That Windows 7/Vista/XP Error Code Mean

Windows sometimes displays very cryptic error messages like 0×80070006, 0×80070570, 0x80028CA3, 0x4D8, etc. while performing some operation and you are left clueless thinking what Windows meant to say you. Every single Windows user have faced this kind of situation some day or the other. Windows Error Code Lookup Tool, also known as ErrMsg, and Windows Error Lookup Tool, both are free little apps developed for helping you out.

Both this apps are very simple to use. All you have to do is, type in either the decimal or HRESULT error codes that Windows is displaying and they will display in English the error. These applications work really well and saves hours of random searching through Google or Bing or MSDN.


Windows Error Code Lookup Tool (ErrMsg)

Other than Windows Error Code Lookup Tool, Windows Error Look up Tool is a little different. It will display a description of windows errors in English with the ability to create a note for that error. You can view and change any notes you have created with the note browser. Windows Error Look up Tool does not work now works with STOP errors, certain errors from non system modules or NTSTATUS values (thanks to the developer Gunner (see the comment below) for the update).

Windows Error Lookup Tool

Windows Error Lookup Tool

It is amazing, how simple utilities like this two tools are hidden deep inside the Internet. Grab these portable tools and make sure it is part of your must have apps tools.

Being a portable tool it runs on all versions of Windows.

[ Download Windows Error Code Lookup Tool (ErrMsg) ]
[ Download Windows Error Lookup Tool ]

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