Flash Cookie Cleaner – Helps Clean Flash “Super” Cookies or LSO from Computer

Flash Cookies also known as super cookies or Local Shared Objects (LSO) are a collection of data like cookies stored as a file on your computer. LSO’s can be used by websites to collect information on how people navigate them. These LSO’s are also used to track users and store information about them. You cannot usually delete LSO by using the privacy controls present in a browser.

To clean these persistent Flash cookies which is a great threat to the privacy, you can use a simple application known as Flash Cookie Cleaner. Flash Cookie Cleaner is a portable application available for free. It helps you to easily clean Flash cookies or super cookies from your computer with just a single click.


Flash Cookie Cleaner works on all previous Windows versions including Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7. As it is portable, no installation is required, just download the application and run it. Click on the Scan button to scan for LSO. You can then either view which Flash cookies are installed on your computer system by clicking on View Cookies or you can directly delete all Flash cookies by clicking on Delete Cookies.

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