Yahoo Meme Opens Door to Everyone

Yahoo_memeWe reviewed Yahoo Meme a while ago here at My Technology Guide and gave out invites to Yahoo’s “Twitter-like” Meme service.

The service was in private beta, i.e. was available to a select number of users through invite only. Yahoo Meme provides some more features than the basic options that Twitter offers to its users. It gets rid of the 160 character limit and also accepts picture, video and audio posts.

Yahoo Meme is still in beta stage but is now open to anyone to register a Meme account without any invites. It’s not confirmed whether this is a permanent change or not. If you want to check Yahoo Meme and want an account there, you can visit the Meme homepage. You can login using your Yahoo account, if you want you can create a new Yahoo account too. The sign up process is fast and easy. Here’s the official announcement by The Meme

Hey everyone! As you all know, we have been around for a while and the time has come for us to take a big step: Meme is now open to everyone! The Meme team would like to thank all the people involved in our alpha stage, providing feedback and reporting bugs that helps make Meme better. We couldn’t have gotten here without you. Thanks a lot!


Yahoo Meme offers many advantages over Twitter but currently lacks popularity, which may change soon as the doors open for everyone. You can follow My Technology Guide at Yahoo Meme by visiting My Technology Guide’s Meme page.

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