Have Fun Organizing Your Favorites With FavoritesTown

Do you have this bad habit of saving a lot of bookmarks but never organize them? Well, here’s a very fun way to organize your bookmarks. Favoritestown is a free to use, simple bookmark manager and application launcher, that allows you to get access to your favorite websites, folders and files from a virtual town scape. There are several buildings that act as categories (shopping mall, library etc.) to organize your links, and each section can hold several links. Clicking on a link will launch the associated site or file.


FavoritesTown Features:

  • Simple, fun & effective way to store and access not only Internet favorites but also PC files and programs
  • No more tiresome searching through folders, desktop icons and browser favorites
  • Add favorites using a drag and drop facility
  • Store over 1000 favorites
  • All of your favorites are just two clicks away!


Favoritestown uses a simple real world analogy to store the links – the buildings in a town – so that you will never again forget where to find them. So all of your computer files, computer programs and Internet favorites can be organised into the buildings of a town.

After installing Favoritestown on your PC, each time you log on it will display a picture of Favoritestown on your desktop. You can enter the buildings in town by clicking on them. Within the buildings you can store links to and then access all of your favorite PC files and Internet sites.

Once you have Favoritestown it will enhance your computer and Internet experiences a hundredfold. Using your favorite computer programs, files and Internet sites becomes an intuitive and fun experience.

Download Favoritestown (Official developer’s site is no more available)

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